Dr. Manasseh Receives “Defying the Odds” Award

Dr. Fredrick Manasseh, our National Director of Pharmacy Services was recently honored by his alma mater, UMKC. He received the “Defying the Odds Award”, which recognizes an alumnus who has achieved professional and personal success despite tremendous obstacles such as financial hardship, lack of or few positive role models, having been raised in an environment or dealt with circumstances that were not conducive to furthering their education. This individual demonstrates outstanding loyalty and commitment to the University or the Alumni Association and has rendered outstanding service to the community.


We are incredibly excited to have Dr. Manasseh as part of the AbsoluteCARE team. Congratulations to him on this fantastic achievement!


To learn more about Dr. Manasseh’s story, please visit: https://youtu.be/TdnyrLHDueg